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Are you a blossoming yogini ready to discover the amazing health benefits of yoga or are you an experienced Yogi  ready to take your practice to the next level?

Do you love the gym, weights or high intensity exercise and think yoga is too slow and boring? This is a huge misconception. Yoga can be a full body strength & endurance workout or a deep, relaxing, repairing & restorative practice depending on what class you choose.

Each class has a focus, each pose a purpose. 


for those days when you want something short & sweet, fast paced & challenging  


when you want to flow, strengthen, stretch, breathe, connect, focus & balance.


when you want a full body, dynamic energising, workout


when you want to slow things down, relax, release & restore with some deep stretches.


a unique class to condition, release & restore the body. Combining dynamic movement with deep stretches and Myofascial release techniques. 


No matter what class you choose you will always finish a class feeling better than when you started. Energised, Calm, Focused, Relaxed, Strong, Connected, Balanced

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, here you will find a fun, fluff free, approachable & safe environment where you can begin or deepen your yoga practice.

Join us to move, stretch, work, relax, breath and focus.


Nestled in the beautiful New Forest, away from the hustle and bustle of our fast paced world, with nothing but the chorus of birdsong to distract you, I am delighted to
offer a variety of yoga classes Live online & in The Studio. 

I hope that during this unusual time of social distancing and self isolation you will come and join me and my amazing yoga community. 


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