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Past Workshops & Events

Fascial Fitness

A series of 7 Workshops covering the man Fascial Lines of the Body.

Each workshop involved Active Fascial Conditioning using a series of dynamic movements to warm and prepare the tissue followed by a combination of self Myofascial release and deep stretching to release & restore the body.

This series of workshops was aimed at those wanting to dip their toes into the world of anatomy, fascia and movement, to learn how to connect with their physical body on a deeper level, rehab existing injuries and help prevent future injury.

The Foundations of Your Yoga Practice

A series of 4 workshops aimed at all levels of Yogi from beginner & experienced.

 centered around the 10 Foundation Principles of The Yoga Connection UK

January 2021 Free 3 day Yoga Challenge

Finding our New Year Yoga Mojo

2 classes a day for 3 days, each class a different style of yoga

April Charity Breath Workshop

All Things Being Retreat 2020


Beach Yoga Fest 2019


Masterclasses at David Lloyd