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Client Testimonials

"I started yoga with Nette about a year ago. I absolutely love her classes and her! She is a great teacher and a really lovely person. Her classes are demanding which I love. She always challenges you but gives alternatives or variations if the pose is not working for you. There is always laughter and a feeling of friendship in her classes and they are suitable for people of all ages which is brilliant. Even my husband does a mens yoga class with her which he really enjoys - once its over!"

Jill H

"I like to run, cycle, ride my horse and with the best will in the world I have never stretched enough. As I've got older its affected me more and more with constant aches and pains. I started yoga with Nette over 2 years and it has made such a huge difference. I love the classes, which can be challenging at times. Nette is a brilliant instructor, encouraging, fun, inspirational. If I wasn't doing these classes I don't think I would be able to continue doing the other activities that I love."

Elaine M

"I have been a student of Nette's for a number of years, I have most definitely benefited from her amazing yoga training, not only has my strength and flexibility improved, but also yoga has a huge influence on one's emotional state brining calm and peace into our hectic lives.

Nette's classes reach out to everyone, al ages and capabilities, through her expertise and generous nature she nurtures every student, modifying poses and moves to benefit all levels.

Thank you Nette for enhancing my life."

Jessica C

"Nette is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. She is very knowledgeable and encouraging but also makes classes fun."

Lynn D

“I have been a student of Nette’s for 6 years... in that time she has kept me fit, motivated, enthused and sane. She is such an important part of my life, bringing me well being and balance. I love her yoga classes, especially at this difficult time. Thank you Nette"

"Nette's classes are accessible to everyone. She is an amazingly supportive and extremely knowledgeable teacher"

Angie R

Helen S

"I have enjoyed classes with Nette at her beautiful studio and also online. Nette is a great teacher, she has an authentic approach and makes every class unique and challenging"

Nas AA

"As a newcomer to yoga I joined Nette's online Connect Yoga class. I really enjoyed it, the instructions were easy to follow and I'll definitely be doing more"

Adam R

"Great opportunity to stretch  and unwind, I feel so good afterwards... thank you Nette for opening my eyes to yoga"

"I've just tired my first online class with Nette. Clear instruction and great pace, challenging but still good for beginners"

Jerry - Boys Club

"Nette is a fantastic teacher. She’s realistic, empathetic and always encouraging. She will always adapt exercises depending on your abilities or injuries. If it is wasn’t for Nette I probably wouldn’t exercise!"

Anna H S

Nina R

"I have been doing yoga with Nette for 2 years and although I am naturally inflexible I have improved flexibility and upper body strength. Nette pays great attention to each individual, taking account of any injuries and providing alternatives so that yoga has helped me to recover. Her classes range from relaxing to strenuous and I always feel better after doing them. I love to run and yoga complements that. I wish I had started years ago!"

Sandy B

Nette has often referred to me as the tightest man she knows....obviously not referring to my willingness to get out my wallet! Her yoga classes after a couple of years have helped improve my body's flexibility no end. My back definitely lets me know when I've missed a class...what's more her classes are great fun and now she has enthused my whole family into doing yoga. Thankyou Nette.




Robyn N 

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