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Nette Dalton

I am fortunate to have been working in the health and fitness industry for over 13 years. Originally a research conservation Scientist working with Endangered Turtles & Whales I turned my passion from animal welfare to the health and wellness of people when my youngest daughter started school and gallavanting around the globe was no longer an option. I have now been working in the health and fitness industry for over 12 years and my career as developed from an Advanced Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach to Structural Body Worker and Advanced Yoga Teacher. After my first, rather brutal, Yoga Teacher Training in Himalayan Hatha Yoga I realised that there was a huge potential to blend traditional and modern forms of yoga with my knowledge and experience as a Structural Body Worker to create an informed and functional yoga experience that would encompass active, dynamic and restorative fascial conditioning and release techniques with yoga postures and flows. In my quest to find a form of yoga that I could blend with my knowledge and experience as Structural Bodyworker I realised that I needed more in-depth knowledge of different styles of yoga and the blossoming field of fascia and movement. Subsequently, over the last 10 years I have worked and trained with some of the best teachers and experts in the world and I continue to learn and grow everyday. I am trained in:   Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, My Kind of Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Broga, Yin Yoga, YangYin, MyoYin, Yin Fascial Yoga, Yoga for the Stages of Menopause, Anatomy, Fascia & Movement, Body Balance, Restorative Yoga

My unique teaching style is influenced by drawing knowledge from these varied styles of yoga and interweaving it 

with my in depth knowledge of the human body, in particular the musculoskeletal system and fascial layers (connective tissue). This enables me to create classes that are both interesting and challenging yet attainable for everyone. I am really proud to have developed my own unique form of yoga: Fascial Fitness - Condition, Restore, Release which I have been introducing through a series of workshops and more recently classes. 


Each class is designed to serve a life enhancing purpose: to encourage breath and movement, increase strength, flexibility and endurance, improve balance & posture, release stress and long held patterns in the body, calm the mind and reduce anxiety.


My students are supported and encouraged to explore their edge and challenge their minds and bodies and in this judgemental world find beauty and freedom in their strengths and imperfections. 


Students can expect to always learn something new, sometimes break into a sweat, have fun and most definitely leave with a sense of achievement and smile on their face.


Finley Dalton

At the moment I am at University studying a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science. During my gap year I travelled to Cambodia where I trained to become a Yoga Teacher at The Tavoos School of Yoga.

Although I have always been passionate about sport, and continue to play hockey at University, I have found yoga not only helps to keep me injury free but  improves my focus and breathing and calms my mind.

I am looking forward to teaching yoga to University students as I believe that not only will they benefit phyically but it will have a positive effect on their mental wellbeing.

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